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We Are What We Do

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Kannabiz Tech Agent
CBD Full Spectrum Oil 2%





Kannabiz Tech Agent
Kannabiz Tehc ผ่านการรับรอง GHPS/HACCP
Kannabiz Tech Laboratory
Kannabiz Tech sell Extract CBD Oil
Kannabiz Tech

Crop Technology Team
for a Sustainable Future

We are a manufacturer and developer of a closed system for growing medicinal plants. for medical products to farmers and hospitals across the country with intelligent AI learning technology and security system as well as the extraction process of important substances that are safe and of good quality including various products that can be further developed

Essenstial Items

Beauty Inspired by Real Life

Made using clean, non-toxic ingredients, our products are designed for everyone.

We Are What We Do

Kannabiz Tech is a company committed to meet international standards in hemp cultivation with an affordable price and easily access to Thai people. Founded by Thais for Thais, our goal is to promote sustainability in the hemp-cannabis industry in Thailand.

We offer a wide range of services, from hemp cultivation to CBD extraction and finished product development, all with a focus on quality. Our from-farm-to-you concept aims to make hemp products more accessible and affordable to everyone.

Hemp – Extraction Facility – Hemp finished products – Services. The combination creates a “from farm to you” concept, providing high-quality hemp products directly to consumers.

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Hemp Cultivation
As a closed-system 100% hemp cultivator, Kannabiz Tech produces high-quality hemp that can be used for producing various products based on market demand.
CBD Extraction Facility
With our extractor license, Kannabiz Tech has the capability to extract hemp in any form, including Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate, and Nano Emulsion.
Finished Product
Kannabiz Tech offers a range of finished products made with high-quality hemp extracts and components, such as our popular hemp-infused honey lime soda and more.
Kannabiz Tech provides compound analysis services to ensure the quality of our customers' hemp , Additionally, our cafe sells a variety of hemp products.

Kannabiz Tech's Online Shopping

High Quality Products from Kannabiz Tech

What sets Kannabiz Tech's hemp apart from the rest?

While our hemp may be distinct, it sets itself apart with its superior quality.

High-quality strain

Regulated certified license

Grown in a 100% enclosed system

Cultivated by AI learning system

Grown using a hydroponic system

No pesticides


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Our management team

"Crop Technology Team for a Sustainable Future"

Elevating technology for agricultures while never compromising safety.

Mr. Sahutchai

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

We aim to elevate the standard of cannabis at every step. That is why our focus lies in growing, testing and extracting

Ms. Nareerat

Chief Operating Officer

The agriculture of the future requires the integration of many aspects to achieve maximum utilization.

Mr. Nutthachai

Chief Business Officer

Kannabiz Tech's Philosophy

Our focus at Kannabiz Tech Co., Ltd. is on what we call the "3S+1P" approach, where we work collaboratively and harmoniously as a team to achieve success across all dimensions of business, education, social impact, and medical science.

1 S : Standard Producer

Being a medically standardized cannabis-cannabis producer.

2 S : Standard Manufacturer

Medically standardized processor of CBD Extract and related products.

1 S: Standard Producer

Being a medically standardized Hemp-cannabis producer.

2 S: Standard Manufacturer

A medically standardized processor of CBD extracts and associated products.

3 S : Standard Checker

Being a standard checker. We support the 1 S and 2 S to ensure that the company’s standards are fully verified.

1 P : Partner

The “P” in our 3S+1P philosophy represents our partnership with related industry leaders to develop strategies that promote productivity and enable us to maintain Medical Grade standards.

Other Informations

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