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We Are What We Do

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Kannabiz Tech

About Us


Kannabiz Tech Co., Ltd. was founded by a group of passionate Thai individuals who sought to combine technology with agriculture in order to produce high-quality medical-grade products. Our mission is to share our expertise with farmers and small retailers to make it easier for them to access the medical cannabis industry and do it properly.

We began our journey by cultivating Thai herbs in a 3×12-meter planter box using a closed system without soil. The results were impressive, and we saw the potential to expand further. As the Thai government started to encourage the cultivation of hemp and cannabis, we planned to start cultivating these plants in a closed system using the hydroponic system. By developing a low-cost cultivation system, we can share our knowledge with interested parties such as farmers and small retailers.

Throughout our journey, we’ve collaborated with many companies to become a full-service manufacturer in the medical cannabis industry. We strive to be a role model for small retailers who have an interest in entering the medical cannabis business in the future. Currently, our main focus is on hemp cultivation, operating a hemp extraction facility, and developing hemp finished products and services.


Become the leading producer of comprehensive medical hemp in Thailand.


Completely meet all of our customers' demands for hemp-cannabis products, including CBD extracts

A Message from the CEO:

“Kannabiz Tech was founded by Thai people, for Thai people. Our goal is to meet international standards while maintaining prices that are accessible to both farmers and the wider Thai community. Our aim is to create a sustainable and prosperous hemp-cannabis cultivation industry in Thailand. ”

Mr. Sahutchai Kidtrong, CEO of Kannabiz Tech

Kannabiz Tech's Timeline

5 Sep 2020

Company is registered under the name "Kannabiz Tech"

8 Jun 2021

Obtained permission to import seeds.

6 Jul 2021

Obtained a license to cultivate and sell hemp

1 Nov 2021

Begun cultivation of our first crop

18 Nov 2021

The opening of "Le' Green Cafe & Bistro" in Prachinburi

27 Feb 2022

Granted permission to build a hemp-cannabis extraction facility that meets the standards for pharmaceutical production

28 Feb 2022

Start selling commercial products

What Are We Doing?

Our company offers a comprehensive range of services related to hemp cultivation, CBD extraction, and finished product. With our farm-to-you concept approach, you can trust that our products are handled with care every step of the way, from the cultivation of the hemp to the delivery of the finished product.

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Hemp Cultivation
As a closed-system 100% hemp cultivator, Kannabiz Tech produces high-quality hemp that can be used for producing various products based on market demand.
CBD Extract Facility
With our extractor license, Kannabiz Tech has the capability to extract hemp in any form, including Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate, and Nano Emulsion.
Finished Products
Kannabiz Tech offers a range of finished products made with high-quality hemp extracts and components, such as our popular hemp-infused honey lime soda and more.
Kannabiz Tech provides compound analysis services to ensure the quality of our customers' hemp , Additionally, our cafe sells a variety of hemp products.

Kannabiz Tech Concept

We focus on the synergy between 3 S and 1 P. By aligning these and working together in harmony, we aim to create a competitive advantage across multiple dimensions, including business, education, social, and medical science.

1 S : Standard Producer

Our mission is to become a leading medical hemp-cannabis producer globally, by selecting only the highest quality strains accepted in the medical community, and employing state-of-the-art cultivation techniques. With almost 100% of our development done in-house, we have a cost advantage and can ensure top-quality production and labor...

2 S : Standard Manufacturer

As a CBD extractor and producer of related products, we prioritize maintaining high medical standards. This is a continuation of our first key, which is ensuring we have high-quality raw materials, and the extraction process must also meet high standards...

3 S : Standard Checker

As a standard checker, we are dedicated to ensuring that our company's products and services meet the highest standards of quality and safety. To achieve this, we offer a full-service laboratory that functions as a central government laboratory. Our goal is to have this laboratory certified to the internationally recognized ISO17025 standard, which will serve as a testament to the quality of our services...

1 P : Partners

Our company collaborates with universities to develop high-quality products that meet international Medical Grade standards. We work with researchers from various fields in areas such as cannabis-hemp breeding, zero-waste product development, cellular research for CBD use, and laboratory standard development...

“We Are What We Do”