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Raw Materials

Raw Materials

This product category includes items that customers can use as ingredients to produce other products. Raw materials in this group include:


CBD Charlotte's Angel
Dried Leaves

Kannabiz Tech's dried leaves are unique because they contain approximately 2% CBD, making them versatile for creating various products such as tea, beverages, and food.

CBD Charlotte's Angel
Dried Roots

Contains numerous essential compounds that aid in relieving joint and bone pain, act as antioxidants, and reduce inflammation. Versatile and can be used to make a variety of products, including mixed boiled noodles and stews.

CBD Charlotte's Angel
Dried Stems

Our hemp stems contain beneficial extracts that can be used for cooking by boiling in water or adding to drinks.

CBD Charlotte's Angel
Dried Flowers

Our high-quality dried flowers are cultivated in closed systems, containing a high percentage of CBD, ranging from 12-16%, and less than 1% THC. They are ideal for medicinal raw materials due to their safety (free from outside contaminants) and low psychoactive properties.

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