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CBD Full Spectrum Oil CBD 5ml


Full Spectrum Oil CBD 2% 5 ml Promotion Free shipping no minimum order!!

How to use: Use 1-2 drops under the tongue and leave for 60 seconds for absorption. Use 30 minutes before eating or 30 minutes before bedtime.

Benefits: CBD oil helps you feel relaxation and improves sleep quality. It is very suitable for people who have difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night and also anxiety or stress .

Caution: Beware of use in children. Pregnant women, breastfeeding and people under 18 years old, if there is any abnormality should stop using immediately, those who are allergic or sensitive to CBD or THC should not take. CBD have no effect on prevention or treatment of disease

Storage: Keep in room temperature. Avoid sunlight and moisture.

Selling point: We use medical grade CHARLOTTE ANGLES hemp, that grown in our Kannabiz Tech closed system cultivation and extracted in Kannabiz Tech’s extraction facility by SUPERCRITICAL CO2  method , so that after extraction there will be no residue left.

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