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EP4 Inside Hemp-Cannabis Analysis

In this article, we will discuss residual solvents and their importance in the analysis of hemp-cannabis. Residual solvents can be found in extracts or oil extracts due to their use in some extraction processes, and they should be analyzed before consumption as they can be dangerous to the human body.

At Kannabiz Tech’s Lab, residual solvent analysis is conducted to detect solvents such as ethanol, methanol, heptane, hexane, and others.

There are criteria for determining the values of residual solvents according to Acts 387, 393, and 419, which can be found at the provided link >>




Kannabiz Tech Lab uses GC-MS (Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry) with a Headspace attachment for residual solvent analysis. This technique is used to determine the amount of volatile solvents present in a polymer matrix. To conduct the analysis, the sample is placed in a sealed storage container and heated using a temperature profile. The steam in the vessel is then analyzed.

In this technique, the sample is weighed into an empty flask, and a suitable high boiling compound, such as Dimethyl sulfoxide, is added to dissolve the polymer and release the volatile into the gas phase. A standard additional solution is also prepared and added to the sample. The sealed headspace flask is then heated and shaken to drive volatile matter from the solid or liquid phase to the gas phase. Sampling of the top cavity for GC/MS injections is usually performed using a heated, tight syringe, and almost any sample that can fit the headspace vial can be tested. However, the sample matrix itself should not fluctuate much, and it should be homogeneous in volatile concentration for quantitative residual solvent analysis.

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