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Why growing hemp indoors is a smarter choice: 5 reasons

The government has recently allowed the cultivation of hemp, but it is subject to many regulations that growers must comply with. Effective cultivation of hemp requires controlling several factors since it is vulnerable to infestations. Growing hemp in a closed system offers several advantages, such as:

  1. No heavy metal contamination in the soil

Hemp roots can absorb and store harmful metals and other contaminants. Research shows that heavy metals are mainly deposited in the leaves, seeds, and fibers.

  1. No risk of fungal contamination

High humidity or wet conditions can cause mold growth, which can lead to respiratory allergies or fatal diseases. Botrytis is a common fungus found in hemp.

  1. No risk of pathogenic microorganism contamination

Pathogenic microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and fungi can cause severe health problems, including respiratory allergies, lung infections, organ infections, and diarrhea. Hemp can be infested with red or spider mites that leave waste and molt, leading to an allergic reaction in cannabis users.

  1. Not affected by inclement weather

Growing hemp in Thailand can be challenging due to unsuitable weather conditions. Changes in weather can negatively affect the growth and quality of the plant.

  1. Consistent quality products

Growing hemp in a closed system offers control over the environment, resulting in consistent and high-quality products with minimal loss compared to open systems.

Kannabiz Tech Co., Ltd. offers a smart planting incubator that provides a solution to the problems mentioned above. The closed system offers the same quality as medical-grade products, allowing individuals or companies to order good quality hemp parts, such as fresh or dried leaves, roots, or stems. For more details, contact us via this following channels:

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