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The Gender of Hemp: Surprising Facts You May Not Know

Many people are surprised to learn that hemp plants have genders, just like humans do. Each gender has its own unique characteristics, and it’s important to understand the differences when growing hemp. Today, we’ll explore the gender separation of hemp and who should plant which sex.

Hemp has three genders: male, female, and mixed gender. Yes, you read that right, hemp plants can have mixed genders! Let’s take a closer look at the details for each gender, as shown in the picture.

Male hemp plants are usually taller and thinner than female plants, with fewer leaves and branches. They produce small, pollen-filled flowers that are used to fertilize female plants.

Female hemp plants are shorter and bushier than male plants, with more leaves and branches. They produce larger flowers that are used to produce seeds or CBD oil. It’s important to note that female plants can produce seeds without male pollen, but the seeds will not be as high quality.

Mixed gender hemp plants have both male and female reproductive parts. They can self-pollinate, but it’s generally recommended to remove the male flowers to prevent cross-pollination and ensure higher quality female flowers.

When it comes to growing hemp, it’s not just about the plant’s gender. The quality of the hemp is equally important, which is why at Kannabiz Tech, we grow our hemp in a closed system that allows us to control all the factors in the plant’s growth. This ensures that our hemp is of the highest quality, meeting medical grade standards.

If you’re interested in purchasing our high-quality hemp, we offer a variety of products including fresh leaves, dried leaves, dried roots, and dried stems. You can pre-order these products now by contacting us during our business hours, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Thai time)

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