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Things You Need to Know About Hemp – Ep. 1

Hemp Products may all look the same at first glance, but they are actually different in many ways. As the demand for hemp rises, it is important to understand what sets hemp apart. In this episode, we will discuss the first factor that makes hemp different: the seed.

There are two main types of hemp seeds: imported varieties and native species. Imported varieties have been bred for a long time and have stable genetics, making them able to provide high levels of important substances according to the COA. However, they are not well-suited to the environment in Thailand, which means that growers may need to invest more in controlling the growing conditions. On the other hand, native species like Squirrel Tail and Tanaosri are well-adapted to the local environment and are easy to grow, but they contain fewer useful substances.

At Kannabiz Tech Co., Ltd., we choose to import seeds from abroad, ensuring that we have high-quality genetics and satisfactory COA results. We also grow in a closed system to guarantee the quality of our yields.

If you’re interested in ordering fresh hemp leaves, dried hemp leaves, roots, dried stems, or hemp extract, please contact us through following channels:

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