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“Hemp” in Cosmetics: What you need to know

Many people have likely come across products containing hemp, such as hemp-infused foods and drinks available at places like Le’ Green Cafe&Bistro. However, hemp is also becoming increasingly popular in cosmetics!

While hemp can now be used as an ingredient in cosmetics, there are still criteria that must be met to ensure safety and efficacy. For instance, only certain parts of the hemp plant can be used and the amount of THC (the substance that causes intoxication) must not exceed a certain threshold.

For those interested in creating cosmetics containing hemp, it’s important to source high-quality raw materials that meet these criteria. Fortunately, KannabizTech, a 100% medical grade hemp grower in a closed system, is now accepting pre-orders for hemp-derived ingredients. This means that you can order hemp parts from Kannabiz Tech to be processed further and incorporated into your own cosmetic formulations.

To inquire about ordering, simply reach out to Kannabiz Tech between 9.00 – 17.30. With pur high-quality hemp ingredients and commitment to safety and efficacy, Kannabiz Tech is the perfect partner for those looking to create top-notch hemp cosmetics.

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