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CBD Benefits for Pet Health

Maintaining a strong bond between humans and animals is important, and CBD extracts have been studied for their potential use in treating various diseases in pets. Kannabiz Tech will discuss the efficacy of CBD extracts in treating three common pet diseases.

  1. CBD Extracts for Osteoarthritis (OA) Studies conducted by Gamble et al in 2018 and Verrico et al in 2020 found that CBD extracts can provide pain relief for dogs diagnosed with OA. However, the effectiveness of the drug when used for longer periods requires further research. These studies did not use standardized assessment methods such as measuring movement analysis, which could make the results more reliable.

  2. CBD Extracts for Epilepsy In 2019, McGrath and colleagues studied the anticonvulsant effect of CBD extracts in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy. The study found that the frequency of seizures decreased in dogs that received 2.5 mg/kg of CBD in oil form every 12 hours in combination with standard anticonvulsants. Further research is required to determine the anticonvulsant efficacy of CBD extracts in dogs with epilepsy.

  3. CBD Extracts for Cancer CBD extracts have been used in combination with cancer treatment to alleviate the adverse effects of chemotherapy-induced vomiting and pain. Studies conducted on CBD extracts in combination with standard chemotherapy drugs yielded positive results. However, further research is required for internal studies and clinical trials.

It should be noted that while CBD extracts have shown promising results in providing pain relief for pets, there is still a lack of data on the effects of long-term use. Caution should be exercised when using CBD extracts, especially in dogs, as they are more sensitive to the active ingredient in cannabis-marijuana than humans due to having more cannabinoid receptors in their brains.

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