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Things You Need to Know About Hemp – Ep. 2

Continuing from the last episode of “Hemp”, in this episode, we will discuss the different methods of cultivation of hemp and how they affect the substances inside the plant. Hemp cultivation methods can be divided into three main types:

  • Outdoor planting (Out Door) is the most basic method, which relies mainly on nature and requires the least investment. However, growers must pay attention to soil contamination, insect pests, and fungi from the air.
  • Growing in a greenhouse (Green House) is a more advanced technique that requires expertise and additional investment. It provides more control over the environment and better care for the quality of the produce.

  • Planting in a closed system (In Door) is the most sophisticated method, which requires the most expertise and investment. However, it also provides the most control over the environment, resulting in better quality crops.

At Kannabiz Tech Co., Ltd., we use a closed system method to control all hemp growth factors. This allows our hemp to grow properly and produce high-quality crops.

If you are interested in ordering fresh hemp leaves, dried hemp leaves, roots, dried stems, or hemp extract, please feel free to contact us through follow channels:

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