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The Role of Hemp in Medicine: What You Need to Know

Hemp and cannabis are currently popular in Thailand, with a growing number of finished products available. If you’d like to try them out, visit Le Green Cafe & Bistro in Prachinburi. Many of our dishes are infused with medical hemp for its numerous benefits. In the past, hemp was banned in Thailand due to poor quality products causing negative effects. However, we want to emphasize the important compounds found in hemp and cannabis that offer significant medical benefits.

When it comes to using hemp and cannabis for medical purposes, it is essential to control the levels of both THC and CBD. This control starts from cultivation. Outdoor cultivation is not optimal for maintaining consistent THC and CBD levels because the environment and weather cannot be controlled. For high-quality hemp with consistent levels of THC and CBD, indoor cultivation is the way to go. By controlling factors such as water, light, and temperature, the end result is high-quality, medical-grade hemp.

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